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Cool, but, what the heck is it?



N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles. 

V: To endorse a romantic relationship

N: I can see a Gatsby / Nick ship developing. 

V: I totally ship Dagny Taggart and Holden Caulfield. 



N: When you get a bunch of writers drunk in a bookstore and ask them to pair off their favorite characters



Six Great Writers destroy six notable characters from one Great Book on the first Thursday of every month at our home base, the Booksmith in San Francisco. 

Fics are blind-read, and you choose the best ship before the writers are unmasked. The winner is cast off from polite society, and invited back the next month to defend their title. 


Critics are saying:

"... the most despicable literary event possible."

"... an affront to literature."

"It used to be we had to sit in dark, sticky booths to get these kinds of sleazy thrills."

"Come if you are high on marijuana cigarettes and have done sex before."

"... a vile, disgusting event."

"Shipwreck will bring you to madness, and you may never return."

"...wonderfully, masterfully, hilariously disgusting."



Shipwreck is the brainchild of Amy Stephenson (emcee, co-creator/producer)
and Casey Childers (co-creator/producer).


First Thursdays. $12 advance tickets / $15 at the door. Ticket includes open bar for 21+, and admission to after party at The Alembic

Still confused? Here's the podcastPast show shit-talking here


PLEASE NOTE: No children are ever harmed at Shipwreck, and consent and inclusion are paramount. 
We’re not dicks, we just like dick jokes.





We travel! Shipwreck has been to Emerald City Comic Con, AWP, and New York Comic Con

If you want us to wreck a book in your nabe for your con, book expo, or other nerd gathering, you can contact us at shipwrecksanfrancisco [at] gmail [dot] com



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