A note on the supply chain

Dear readers: 

This year, our publishers are warning us early and loudly to expect stock shortages, printer delays, and shipping holdups. Bookstores and publishers of every size will be facing these issues together, all over the country, as best they can. To help prepare, we're already stocking up early and heavily on a diverse array of titles both new and old, and taking special care to carry a broad array of books we care about and believe in. As always, it's an imperfect science. But also as always, we'll be doing our best to help you get the books you need.

We're recommending you start your holiday lists early—now, if you can—to secure your gifts before the chaos starts. And we also offer a handful of services that might help you over the holiday season:

Thanks, and we'll see you soon at the shop. We're open for browsing every day from 12-6.



Booksmith staff