SHEILA McCLEAR / Last of the Live Nude Girls

Monday, August 22, 2011 - 7:30pm




When Sheila McClear left Detroit for New York City, exotic dance was the furthest thing from her mind. A self-described “painfully inhibited late bloomer,” McClear came to New York to work for a small theater doing costume design. When cash -- and friends with couches -- ran out, she started working in the Times Square peepshows as a kind of dare to herself, and ended up staying much longer than she ever imagined. Last of the Live Nude Girls chronicles McClear’s almost two years spent working in the last remaining live-girl peeps.

In a peepshow, a man pays $40 to watch a girl strip naked behind glass for roughly three minutes. They first appeared in Manhattan in 1972, and used to line 42nd Street and 8th Avenue by the dozen. Now, the peeps are nearly extinct -- a relic in a rapidly gentrifying city -- and are a closed society, wary of outsiders and accessible onlyto those who have worked inside it. When McClear started working in the peeps, she never intended to write about it. It was supposed to be temporary and fleeting. But, in her own words, “the story was too interesting and too vital to the history of Times Square not to be told. When the last of the peeps close, the women and their stories will disappear with them. I wrote the book because I wanted to make sure that they won’t be forgotten.”


Sheila McClear has lived in New York since 2006, and is currently a reporter for the New York Post. Prior to the Post, she wrote for, and her writing has also appeared in the New York Observer, the New York Press, and The Daily Beast.




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