WHAT TO DO ON VALENTINE'S DAY? Be Ours, with a little wine, a little chocolate, and learn HOW TO TRAIN YOUR LOVER

Monday, February 14, 2011 - 7:30pm


We assure you a most useful and pleasurable, and, may we say, hilarious, Valentine’s evening. Please make plans to be our Valentine and join us!


Dr. Rhonda, relationship expert, wants to help you apply the scientific method to your relationship in a one-hour lecture, demonstration and performance workshop for singles and couples. Based on her forthcoming book, How To Train Your Lover in Five Easy Steps, the workshop promises to “provide answers to some of the stickiest questions people ask about relationships,” says Rhonda.


“Most people think, ‘all I have to do is be nice, and I’ll be loved and rewarded’,” Dr. Rhonda points out. “They couldn’t be more wrong. Isn’t it always the nicest people who get hurt in relationships?”


The bombshell psychiatrist says she has spent years researching scientific methods for regaining power and control in abusive relationships. “In my workshop, participants will learn how to come out on top in their love lives,” she says. “I cover meeting the right kind of prospect, establishing an advantage from the beginning, and how to maintain the upper hand throughout the relationship.”


Dr. Rhonda notes that all of the skills she teaches have been used on her.


“I’ve developed a foolproof plan that enables meek and timid lovers to preemptively prevent abusive relationship patterns from becoming a problem for them,” Dr. Rhonda maintains. “All you need is the confidence to drive the bus, and my workshop will help you build that confidence.”




How to Train Your Love in Five Easy Steps illustrator REBECCA MIGDAL will be on hand to sign books. Migdal's work also appears in many of the semi=annual World War 3 comics volumes, Rosetta Stone Comics, Crime and Punishment, The Yes Men in Judgment Day, and many other comics platforms.