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From outrageously funny New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore and award-winning screenwriter and director Ian Corson, THE GRIFF: A Graphic Novel is about an alien invasion of Earth and the motley crew of humans who save the world—sort of . . .


How do you conquer the world in 4 easy steps? 


First, activate an ancient alien beacon that summons a behemoth spaceship from the far reaches of the galaxy. Second, release a stream of pods that unfold into minivan-size griffin-like dragons into Earth’s atmosphere. Third, destroy all human defensive and emergency infrastructures. Finally, systematically kill everyone on the planet.

Too bad a pesky trio of survivors aren’t about to roll out the red carpet to these alien invaders. Mo, a snarky, sexy, Goth-y leader of a computer game-design team; Steve, a skateboard-punk who has made a career out of distributing swag at pro skating events; and Curt, the obligatory buff commando type (who seems to know just a little too much about makeup and hair color), are going to take it to the marauding Griff, battling their way from New York to Orlando, where the alien mother ship is the most awesome new attraction.

And in Florida, another motley band of survivors await, including Liz, a killer whale trainer at Ocean World, and Oscar, a chain-smoking professional squirrel (seriously—he’s paid to wear that squirrel costume).

Once united, the intrepid warriors will attempt to infiltrate the alien spacecraft and save the world…




Christopher Moore is the author of twelve previous novels: Practical Demonkeeping, Coyote Blue, Bloodsucking Fiends, Island of the Sequined Love Nun, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, Lamb, Fluke, The Stupidest Angel, A Dirty Job, You Suck, Fool, and Bite Me.


Ian Corson is an award-winning screenwriter and director whose credits include Bloodline for Castle Rock Entertainment and Starting Five for Paramount Pictures. He has also directed Monster Garage for the Discovery Channel and the feature film Malicious (starring Molly Ringwald). He teaches screenwriting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He lives in Los Angeles,



The Griff: A Graphic Novel By Christopher Moore, Ian Corson Cover Image
ISBN: 9780061977527
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Published: William Morrow - July 19th, 2011