Friday, November 4, 2011 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm




Our last bookswap of 2011 happens November 4th,


and we're ready to go out with a Big Bang.


That's right - a bookswap with a science theme,


because nerds are cool now (thanks, Steve Jobs).



As always,

kilos of delicious food (metric - for science!), 20%


discount for bookswappers, and wine that flows like...


well, wine. 


We’re delighted that the always interesting science

writer Carl Zimmer will be joining us around 8:30 this evening!

The author of eleven books, including the new SCIENCE INK:

Tattoos of the Science Obsessed [really!], Zimmer is a frequent

guest on radio programs such as Radio Lab and This American Life,

and, since 2003, has written the award-winning blog, The Loom.

He is, to his knowledge, the only writer after whom

a species of tapeworm has been named. Read more about him here.




Bring any book that tickles your neurons.


(Science Fiction counts!)  



Tickets are $25, and this event ALWAYS sells out. 


Tickets must be purchased in advance,


in the store, or at Brown Paper Tickets 


(or phone 800-838-3006).