Welcome to Night Vale creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor present It Devours!

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Booksmith is very excited to welcome Welcome to Night Vale creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor back to the store to celebrate their new novel, It Devours!. They'll be in conversation with Booksmith fam Meg Elison—join us!


PLEASE NOTE: this is a ticketed event, with each ticket including one copy of It Devours! One ticket per person—no exceptions. Tickets must be purchased in advance—each ticket costs the price of 1 book + tax. Last-minute tickets may be available at the door; if so we will announce closer to the event.


It all started in June 2012 as a bestselling podcast created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, a radio show sensation for the fictional town of Night Vale that reported on the strange events that occur within it. Narrated by Cecil Palmer, the host of the towns radio show, Welcome to Night Vale covers news, announcements, and advertisements just like Lake Wobegon on Prairie Home Companion. . . Except its a lot weirder. A lot. Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel hit the New York Times bestseller list at #4. The authors appeared live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, were featured in a prominent New York Times profile, and the book received and continues to receive major media attention and praise.


Since then, the Welcome to Night Vale podcast has been downloaded more than 150 million times worldwide. Night Vale has also become a successful touring live show, performing to sellout 1000 + seat venues in front of audiences at over 200 live shows in 16 countries and 35 US states.  In January 2016, the authors announced their new podcast network Night Vale Presents which has launched the fictional podcasts Alice Isnt Dead (March 2016.), Within the Wires (June 2016), and The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air (October 2016).


Nilanjana Sikdar is an outsider to the town of Night Vale. Working for Carlos, the towns top scientist, she relies on fact and logic as her guiding principles. But all of that is put into question when Carlos gives her a special assignment investigating a mysterious rumbling in the desert wasteland outside of town. This investigation leads her to the Joyous Congregation of the Smiling God, and to Darryl, one of its most committed members. Caught between her beliefs in the ultimate power of science and her growing attraction to Darryl, she begins to suspect the Congregation is planning a ritual that could threaten the lives of everyone in town. Nilanjana and Darryl must search for common ground between their very different world views as they are faced with the Congregations darkest and most terrible secret. A page-turning mystery exploring the intersections of faith and science, the growing relationship between two young people who want desperately to trust each other, and the terrifying, toothy power of the Smiling God, It Devours! will entertain both fans of Welcome to Night Vale and those discovering its extraordinary world for the first time.


RSVP appreciated, but not required. If you cannot attend the event but would like a signed copy of It Devours! or any of the Welcome to Night Vale books, please place your order below and fill out the special request field.



Joseph Fink created the Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead podcasts. 
He lives with his wife in New York.


Jeffrey Cranor co-writes the Welcome to Night Vale and Within the Wire podcasts. He also co creates theater and dance pieceswith choreographer/wife  Jillian Sweeney. They live in New York.


Meg Elison is a science fiction author and feminist essayist. Her debut novel, The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, won the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award. She has been published in McSweeney’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Catapult, and many other places. Elison is a high school dropout and a graduate of UC Berkeley. Find her online, where she writes like she’s running out of time.


>> This is an in-store event. The cost of admission is equal to the cost of one copy of It Devours! + tax.
>> If you cannot attend the event, but would like to request a signed copy of a Welcome to Night Vale book, order below and put your request in the comments field.
>> Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

>>  Important signing and photo information:

     •  Joseph and Jeffrey will personalize books and sign multiple copies per person – no limit. There will be no additional messages besides names, and – please – the names must be real.

     •  They will sign 1 piece of Night Vale memorabilia per person, and only if the attendee purchases a copy of It Devours!

     •  To keep the line moving, no posed photos will be allowed. Candids are fine.

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