Bookswap Revamped!

Introducing: Bookswap 2.0


Booksmith's Bookswap is back with a few tweaks. In order to make Bookswap more affordable, more accessible, and more social, we've changed a few things:

>> First, we dropped the price to $10. That gets you admission, an open bar, snacks, galleys to take home, 20% off whatever you buy that night, and a whole mess of new titles on your To-Read List.

>> Second, the time. Going forward, we'll start at 7 and wrap about 9 (round times will be reduced by a few minutes each), since some people had trouble getting here by 6:30 (the old start time).

>> Finally, Bookswap will now happen more often, on the Third Thursday of every month. 



Everything else will be just how you left it. Bring a book you love that loosely fits the theme (or doesn't! no pressure), we'll sit you in small groups, you'll chat about books, and at the end, we have a big, rowdy, white elephant swap. It's a No Homework Bookclub.