Anthroterra: The Stag Senator (Paperback)

Anthroterra: The Stag Senator By Ratthew K. K Cover Image

Anthroterra: The Stag Senator (Paperback)


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"Can you believe we have a stag as a senator now? A mere decade ago, such a thought would've been laughable"

In the world of Anthroterra, animal-human hybrids known as 'terrians' form a complex society where interspecies dynamics shape everyday life. Among them, Hart Redfern, a red deer terrian, makes history as the first herbivore senator. His election disrupts the long-standing tradition of carnivore dominance, particularly challenging the authority of the prestigious carnivore packs known as the Greats. Hart's ascent to this significant role stirs the underlying tensions and hidden fractures within Anthroterra's society.

Navigating his new responsibilities, he confronts the complex web of political and interpersonal relationships. His reunion with Lupus Greyfang, marked by a blend of unresolved feelings and a past filled with both guidance and abandonment, introduces additional layers of emotional complexity to his journey fraught with personal struggles and societal pressures. His groundbreaking position becomes a catalyst for brewing conflicts as it unveils the deep-seated issues and power dynamics of this intricate world.

Will Hart's actions usher in a new era of unity, or ignite the simmering conflicts? The stakes are monumental, and all eyes are on Anthroterra's first herbivore senator.

Product Details ISBN: 9798989613922
Publisher: Binary Starium LLC
Publication Date: January 25th, 2024
Pages: 286
Language: English