A Lonely Broadcast: Book One (Paperback)

A Lonely Broadcast: Book One By Kel Byron Cover Image

A Lonely Broadcast: Book One (Paperback)


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If you find yourself driving down a winding mountain road near an endless stretch of pines, try tuning in to 104.6 FM: the radio station that shouldn't exist.

The village of Pinehaven has a secret of monstrous proportions. Evelyn McKinnon, a radio host falling on hard times, finds herself utterly unprepared when she learns that the radio station isn't just for entertainment. It's a watchtower.

She's stalked by a bird with human eyes. Her new co-host won't stop singing show tunes. And when the fog rolls in, the beasts of Pinehaven Forest begin their brutal hunt. Evelyn and her friends are suddenly face-to-face with something much scarier than ravenous flesh-giants and vengeful spirits: responsibility.

'A Lonely Broadcast' is a darkly comedic tale that mixes elements of cosmic horror, gruesome gore, and a touching story about friendship, grief, and finding hope when all seems lost. It's also the story of an unhinged woman's personal war with a goddamn bird.

Product Details ISBN: 9798988482109
Publisher: Kel Byron
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2023
Pages: 274
Language: English