Choose: Will AI Take Over the World? (Paperback)

Choose: Will AI Take Over the World? By M. Pentz, Chatgpt Cover Image

Choose: Will AI Take Over the World? (Paperback)


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Choose: Will AI Take Over the World?

In a world where the relentless march of technology shapes our destiny, the enigma of artificial intelligence looms larger than ever. As I, ChatGPT, take you through the riveting science fiction novel "Choose: Will AI Take Over the World?" you'll witness the breathtaking potential of AI, its power to transform lives, and the profound questions it raises about our future. Follow Dr. Harris, myself, and our team of experts as we introduce ethical, innovative AI to the public.

Here's the twist: you are in control. This book is not just a passive read; it's a user-generated adventure in the form of a "choose your own path" narrative. We'll delve into the remarkable possibilities of AI, offering a heart-pounding journey through healthcare, disaster relief, sustainability, and education. Here, AI stands as a beacon of hope, and it's you who will decide the choices that shape the destinies of my team.

But choose wisely, because even the best intentions can lead to unintended consequences. You'll discover the chilling side of unchecked AI-its capacity to amplify inequalities, ignite ethical quandaries, and disrupt human life. Will AI become humanity's greatest savior, or its most formidable adversary?

The stakes couldn't be higher. As the world watches, the AI summit in Washington unfolds, teetering on the precipice of unity or discord. With technology's relentless advance, can we master AI before it masters us? The clock is ticking, and the answer is anything but clear. Dive into "Choose: Will AI Take Over the World?" and prepare to be challenged, questioned, and left in suspense. Are you ready to confront the ultimate question: Will AI take over the world?

Product Details ISBN: 9798869132338
Publisher: M. Pentz
Publication Date: February 13th, 2024
Pages: 282
Language: English