North, to Hell! (Paperback)

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North, to Hell! (Paperback)


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"North, To Hell is a western gothic fever dream written with confidence and caliber. From shadows moving in the forest, to dire warnings carved on mineshaft walls, De Boer gives us a stylized story rich with mystery and rife with tension. Fans of Stephen Graham Jones and Nick Cutter will feel right at home."
-- James Wade, two-time Spur Award-winning author of Beasts of the Earth

Oregon, 1906. Buck Appleyard has been hired as a Forest Guard for the newly-founded United States Forest Service. He's posted to a cabin in the Western Blue Mountain Forest Reserve. When the mushrooms begin to fruit with the springtime rainfall, Buck discovers there is something sinister lurking within the soils and spores.

A collage-style horror weaves storylines together like interconnected mycelium. Science-driven natural resource managers, religious fanatics, and lumberjacks all succumb to a force beyond their reasoning, more fearsome than their gods, and vengeful for the trees they fell.

Experience the new novel from Third Eye Sockeye Press, North, to Hell

"Much has been said about the capacity for nature to evoke a sense of wonder. However, it can also inspire horror out of untamed wilderness and monsters we mere mortals cannot imagine, let alone understand. In North, to Hell , Burke De Boer ensnares the reader in just such a world through a vivid, collage style that captures different voices and moments with deft skill and frank prose. It's an offbeat, immersive adventure that leaves plenty to ponder well after the final page."
-- Michael Chin, author of My Grandfather's an Immigrant, and So Is Yours
Product Details ISBN: 9798851216916
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 244
Language: English