The Madre and Gander Employment Agency (Paperback)

The Madre and Gander Employment Agency By David MacPherson Cover Image

The Madre and Gander Employment Agency (Paperback)


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Fairy tale movies and commercials are everywhere. They are very popular. And that's great, because all those fairy tale characters need the work. All the Snow Whites, Three Pigs and a variety of Big Bad Wolves all are clients of the Madre and Gander Employment Agency. That's how Humpty Dumpty finally gets a crack into Show Business.

Madre and Gander is a casting agency where they supply all the fairy tale denizens a film production can ask for. Ethel and Bea own the agency and they have their hands filled dealing with all the temperamental folkloric archetypes.

You will discover the Rapunzel that shaved off her hair. There is Krampus trying to be a troll to get more work. Also, you will read of the two different types of Goldilocks living together. From asthmatic Wolves, to a job performance review that entails a pea and a crap load of mattresses.

If you want to see fairy tales in a very different manner, then grab an application and sign up as a client for Madre and Gander, employment agency to the fairy tales.

Product Details ISBN: 9798224496952
Publisher: David MacPherson
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2020
Pages: 66
Language: English