ChatGPT (Paperback)

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ChatGPT (Paperback)


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Do you want to spend hours writing and documenting everything for your business? Do you face difficulty in finding the right tone for their texts to convey their message to the audience? Do you find it easy to brainstorm ideas for the betterment of business? All your problems have come to an end with the introduction of Chat GPT. In this training guide, you will learn what Chat GPT is and how it works. You will learn the different creative ways to Use Chat GPT, and you will learn how ChatGPT is almost a magical tool for every business. This highly comprehensive guide will train you how Chat GPT can generate human-like text, with a wide range of applications. These include language translation, language modeling, and rendering text for applications such as chatbots. This guide will enable you to reformat whatever you want in seconds, and it can help you do a lot more. Some people create diet plans with Chat GPT, while others use it to generate book and chapter headings, write ad copy, and even write computer code. One man even used it to create the lyrics to an original song.

Product Details ISBN: 9798215241844
Publisher: Kenneth Pealock
Publication Date: February 16th, 2023
Pages: 96
Language: English