Naked Twister: An Erotic Adventure (Paperback)

Naked Twister: An Erotic Adventure By Victoria Rush Cover Image

Naked Twister: An Erotic Adventure (Paperback)


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The most exciting positions are often discovered by chance...

When Jade receives a cryptic party invitation from her friend Madison, she knows she's in for another surprising adventure. But it's not until she arrives at her home and sees a group of her friends crowded around a Twister game mat, that she begins to guess what's in store.

The game starts the usual way, with the teams fully clothed and competing to see who can stay upright on the mat longest. But when Madison asks everyone to take off their clothing in the next round, the fun really begins.

The new object of the game is to maximize the number of body touches with their partners while stretching into ever more twisted contortions. As both the players and the spectators become increasingly turned on watching the action, the game takes on a whole new tone.

But it's not until Madison adds one final twist to the rules that the group begins to lose their inhibitions and really get down and dirty...

Product Details ISBN: 9781990118524
ISBN-10: 1990118526
Publisher: Victoria Rush
Publication Date: May 16th, 2021
Pages: 60
Language: English