Getting Back To The Happy Place (Large Print / Paperback)

Getting Back To The Happy Place By Josh Yehoshua Rubin Cover Image

Getting Back To The Happy Place (Large Print / Paperback)


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When parents yell at each other, their children suffer. Sometimes the children get stomach aches or symptoms of other illnesses ... and medicine is not the remedy to get these children back to feeling good. But getting back to the happy place can be.

Josh Rubin, the author of Getting Back To The Happy Place, is a therapist with a Masters in Counseling. Having counseled many families on creating a loving and healthy home environment, Josh Rubin conveys this message in this book, Getting Back To The Happy Place.

This is the story of David, Pops, and Mom and Dad. Pops understands what is happening inside this family's home, and it is not always good for his grandson David to hear. He helps David find the Happy Place in his life. The Happy Place is where David finds quiet, calm, joy, comfort and happiness.

David likes to be in his Happy Place when his parents are not in their Happy Place, especially when they yell at each other. That's when David's stomach hurts. Pops helps his grandson to feel good ... when his parents are not in their Happy Place. David and Pops play games, draw pictures, walk in the park, sing, listen to music and dance. These activities help David get back to the Happy Place.

When David's Mom and Dad come to his Happy Place with him, they realize that they also need to find their Happy Place.

This book will assist teachers, counselors and other family professionals who are guiding children to find their "Happy Place." It is an appropriate book to place in the professional's waiting room.

Discussion questions are included at the end of the story.

"This story is both beautifully written and extremely necessary. Far too many children live in homes filled with tension. Using the phrase, 'Happy Place' is superb, for it speaks to the ability for small children to visualize and totally comprehend such a feeling and be eager to seek this happy place for themselves. Quite simply, we all want to be there; but, children MUST grow up with joy in order to be healthy and productive citizens in our society."

Marilyn Katz

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Publication Date: January 2nd, 2022
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