Unmasked (Hardcover)

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Unmasked (Hardcover)


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Her truth could start a war...or set her heart free.

The world has always been a bit baffling to Lysandra with its unspoken rules and unnecessary metaphors. Even magic doesn't work the same way for her as it does for the council of mages. Luckily, Lys has always had Issy, the princess of their island nation, who has shielded Lys from the world that doesn't quite understand her. But as a princess, Issy has new duties while Lys wants nothing more than to live quietly, protecting the islands from the storms that ravage them. But to do that, Lys will have to go to the mages and explain the impossible way she does magic. Lys can't imagine anything worse. She'd even rather live Issy's life for a few days.

So begins the scheme that will give them both what they want. The girls trade places, and Issy goes to plead with the mages while Lys pretends to be royalty. But as soon as Issy leaves, Lys learns there's a visiting prince and a king vying for the princess's hand. Now she's stuck hiding who she is with a king who is determined to start a war and a prince who is determined to see Lys as her true self. Keeping her secret might be the most important thing she's ever done when the truth could break the fragile peace of the islands. Not to mention her heart.

Product Details ISBN: 9781951009632
ISBN-10: 1951009630
Publisher: Blue Fyre Press
Publication Date: February 12th, 2024
Pages: 362
Language: English