Prologue to Super Quantum Mechanics (Hardcover)

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Prologue to Super Quantum Mechanics (Hardcover)


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For many decades, quantum mechanics has been held hostage by quantum positivism. A shift of the quantum mechanics paradigm is long overdue.

The Prologue is an introduction by Victor Vaguine of a fundamentally new quantum mechanics paradigm which he calls Super Quantum Mechanics (SQM). The theory and concept is further expanded in a companion book Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations of Super Quantum Mechanics (2012). In this book, he provides concise analysis and criticism of popular quantum mechanics interpretations, such as the Copenhagen, Quantum Potential, and Many Worlds.

Since its foundation more than eight decades ago, quantum mechanics has been plagued by enigmas, mysteries and paradoxes. This fact strongly suggests that something is fundamentally wrong with the quantum mechanics paradigm. The best scientific minds, such as Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie, David Bohm, Richard Feynman and others have spent years of their professional lives attempting to find resolution to the quantum mechanics predicament, with not much success.

In contrast with quantum mechanics, which remains an enigmatic and mysterious science full of paradoxes, SQM is an ontological science based on a fundamentally new paradigm. The SQM is a giant step in the progression of quantum mechanics toward a deeper physics theory.

Fulfilling Einstein's dream, the centerpiece of SQM is an elementary quantum entity/event which can be visualized by humans. Each quantum entity is tangible with all its physical attributes at all times and not hanging in limbo.

The philosophy of SQM is non-local realism. SQM brings non-locality dimension into focus and into system. Einstein stubbornly rejected non-locality, in effect imposing a subjective constraint on objective reality. He thus missed a supreme opportunity of a lifetime to free quantum mechanics from the swamp of quantum positivism and to bring it to a deeper level.

In contrast with the Standard Model of particle physics, which assumes elementary particles as point-like with no structure, SQM states that elementary particles (and forces) have dimension and structure.

Based on three fundamental reasons, Victor Vaguine declares that the superstring theory is not valid scientific theory.

The author ventures into cosmology by declaring intrinsic connections of SQM with the origin of the Universe through his original concept of absolute quantum entanglement at the pre-Big Bang state.

Victor Vaguine states that the inflationary multiverse theory is scientifically invalid and replaces it with a concept of Uni-Universe, a new term coined by the author. The Uni-Universe is an assembly of habitable universes in 4-dimensional space. Each individual universe, such as our Universe, is sharply and uniquely defined.

Based on the law of fine tuning, the author estimates:
- expected time of arrival of humans on the cosmic scene versus actual timing
- size of our Universe (unknown to science until now)
- the extent of the habitability in the Milky Way galaxy, the observed Universe and our Universe
- a time window for emerging intelligence in our Universe.

Never ending scientific progress is presented as a series of curtains, each hiding a fundamentally new scientific paradigm. None of the curtains can be opened by logic or mathematical formalism alone--requiring instead great intuition and counter-intuition.

Victor Vaguine declares that the lethal combination of materialism and quantum positivism is an impediment to scientific progress in theoretical physics and fundamental cosmology.

Although the book is written on a high scientific level, it has minimum mathematical formalism and is accessible for laypersons with intellectual curiosity.

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