Acid Detroit: A Psychedelic Story of Motor City Music (Paperback)

Acid Detroit: A Psychedelic Story of Motor City Music By Joe Molloy Cover Image

Acid Detroit: A Psychedelic Story of Motor City Music (Paperback)


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Acid Detroit tells the story of Motor City through its revolutionary music past and present, in order to find the seeds of radical transformation among its ruins.

Acid Detroit is an exhilarating, technicolour view of Detroit’s musical and social history from the 1960s to the present day. 

Redefining the counterculture as a time of Acid Communism, Acid Detroit diverges from most books on the Sixties, which centre on California, to show that Detroit was an unequalled hotbed of radical activism, urban unrest and sonic innovation. 
Considering Detroit's unique mix of people and cultures and enduring sonic legacies, it covers everything from incendiary garage rock, to European-influenced techno and experimental hip-hop crews, intertwining the artist’s lives and works with the city’s rise and decline, from its establishment as an industrial powerhouse to the high point of Motor City, into its decline and tentative rebirth. 

A mind-expanding tour through time and space that explores the lost possibilities, histories and hidden potentials of the city, Acid Detroit reveals a history of resilience and transformation hidden in the shadows of the abandoned factories and warehouses of the Motor City.
Joe Molloy is a resident of Detroit. He is reappraising the histories handed down to him through radical critical perspectives with the intention of shaking the settled past up into dazzling new patterns. One of the emerging voices of his generation at just twenty-two years of age, Acid Detroit is his first book.
Product Details ISBN: 9781914420511
ISBN-10: 1914420519
Publisher: Repeater
Publication Date: April 11th, 2023
Language: English
"Extending Mark Fisher's concept of Acid Communism into vibrant new territory, Acid Detroit takes a clear passion for a city and its culture and reveals the radical political potentials that are to be found not only in its past but, perhaps even more importantly, in its present and proximate future." - Matt Colquhoun, author of Egress

"This gave me so much knowledge of the history of music in Detroit, and made me so proud to be a part of our city's history and culture." - Bruiser Wolf

"Through the toxic runoff of snowed-in flyover country and psychedelic outsiderism, Molloy untangles the creative minds that go fast and furiously into new musical territories while honoring the decades of untouchable classics that came before. Acid Detroit is a music lover's insider look into the sublime joy of seeing time catch up to itself." - Will Lorenz, The Stools

"Joe's in-depth and emotionally charged writing, specifically about John Brannon's career, really pulls in and enraptures the reader. You can tell by the attention to detail how much research and heart has been put into this book on Detroit music." - Joey Hanania, Toeheads

"Joe Molloy ably documents a rich and thriving history that he argues never went away, from Berry Gordy writing to the rhythm of the assembly line to rapper Danny Brown experiencing an epiphany watching the White Stripes in 2002; the emergence of techno and its symbiotic relationship with Dusseldorf is particularly adeptly handled. One to read, then, and definitely one to watch in the 23-year-old Molloy, who reveals he was too young to witness the White Stripes first-hand." - Record Collector