Positive Parenting and Communication Skills (Kids 2-13): 7 Strategies to Talk So Your Child Will Listen to You (Paperback)

Positive Parenting and Communication Skills (Kids 2-13): 7 Strategies to Talk So Your Child Will Listen to You By Kate Gildon Cover Image

Positive Parenting and Communication Skills (Kids 2-13): 7 Strategies to Talk So Your Child Will Listen to You (Paperback)


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The communication guide for parents of children ages 2-13.

Do you feel like you are talking to a wall when communicating with your child?

Don't worry.

You are not the only one in this situation: so many parents experience the frustration of partial or total lack of communication with their children. You know the fact we learn to speak does NOT mean that we know how to communicate.

Learning to speak is a function that develops in the first 3 years of life: we join syllables, then words, then complete sentences. In a sense, it's a mechanical process. However, the rest of the time, we have to do something far more complex: we have to learn to communicate.

Each person has their particular way of doing this.

A parent must have a functioning and stable channel of communication with their child because this will allow the child to develop emotional intelligence that will accompany him for all of his life, making him able to express himself constructively without outbursts of anger or frustration and without closing in on himself: he will feel that he can fearlessly turn to his parents for anything, whether it is small or big challenges.

"That's all very nice," you will say.

But how is it possible to accomplish this? What are the proper steps to take?

It all starts with knowing the basic requirements for communicating with children.

In fact, in this book, you will find targeted advice based on neurological knowledge of the child's brain.

In this handbook, you will find practical tips and advice for everyday life tried by other parents, for example:

- 6 common mistakes to avoid when communicating with your children

- 4 steps to open a communication channel with your children

- 7 strategies to improve FATHER-CHILD communication

But every age has its difficulties and needs: you cannot speak the same way to a 3-, 5-, 7-, or 12-year-old child.

It is a fact that good communication during childhood makes work much less strenuous during preadolescence and adolescence. This book will help you build an effective and functioning communication channel for childhood and preadolescence, a difficult time for both parents and children (especially children). During preadolescence, the relationship between parents and children changes, and communication can deteriorate drastically.

Therefore, in our journey, we will touch on important topics such as:

- body change

- the importance of social relationships with peers

- curiosity about sex

- how to deal with first crushes and relationships

- 10 tips for dealing with a preteen child who has become "rebellious"

And much more

Yes, now is the time to take action: click on "buy now," and you will find that communicating effectively and assertively is possible

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