The Stars of Mount Quixx: The Brindlewatch Quintet, Book One (Paperback)

The Stars of Mount Quixx: The Brindlewatch Quintet, Book One By S. M. Beiko Cover Image

The Stars of Mount Quixx: The Brindlewatch Quintet, Book One (Paperback)


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Even the best intentions can bring down a mountain ...

Sent away for the summer, the Ivyweather sisters were promised a family vacation by their wealthy, indifferent parents. Two at-odds opposites -- Constance an anxious society sweetheart and Ivory an adventure-struck rebel -- the sisters aren't sure what to make of the dangerously decayed town of Quixx and its creeping fog that never seems to lift.

When Ivory disappears after a spat with her sister, Constance tracks her to the mountain, where the Ivyweathers learn the town's hushed talk of monsters is more than just a rumor. There, the sisters meet Derrek, a dapper and talented astronomer who also happens to be a spider-like creature with a scientific mind, the best of intentions, and a tragic past. Together, they all must find a way to lift the dangerous fog that has ensnared the town and return Quixx's long-lost stars. But they soon discover that something far more monstrous than beasts lurks in Quixx, and it's poised to crush this sleepy mountain town, along with the dreams of those in it.

Death and discarded memories haunt every corner of Quixx, but kinship, romance, and family -- the one we choose -- are at the heart of this cautiously optimistic, unabashedly queer modern monster story.

About the Series

Welcome to Brindlewatch -- a world like ours from days gone by. Fast shiny cars, growing metropolises, and a war on the other side of the ocean with an enemy no one can see. Back at home, monsters, spirits, and the humans who get entangled with them populate the pages of the Brindlewatch Quintet -- five individual, interconnected tales of mystery, romance, and ultimately, belonging. This is the newest YA fantasy series by beloved writer S.M. Beiko, award-winning author of the Realms of Ancient trilogy. It is notable for its charming and quirky tone and diverse cast of relatable characters. The series will begin with The Stars of Mount Quixx in spring 2023 and conclude with The Battle for Brindlewatch in 2027.

S.M. Beiko is a Winnipeg-based fantasy author and an award-winning graphic novelist. Her work includes The Lake and the Library, the Realms of Ancient trilogy, and the webcomic Krampus Is My Boyfriend! Beiko won the 2020 Best Graphic Novel Aurora Award and was nominated for the 2020 Joe Shuster Award.
Product Details ISBN: 9781770416956
ISBN-10: 1770416951
Publisher: ECW Press
Publication Date: April 25th, 2023
Pages: 312
Language: English