The Miracle of Flexibility: A Head-to-Toe Program to Increase Strength, Improve Mobility, and Become Pain Free (Hardcover)

The Miracle of Flexibility: A Head-to-Toe Program to Increase Strength, Improve Mobility, and Become Pain Free By Miranda Esmonde-White Cover Image

The Miracle of Flexibility: A Head-to-Toe Program to Increase Strength, Improve Mobility, and Become Pain Free (Hardcover)


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Gain strength and mobility while living a pain-free life at any age using this revolutionary technique created by former ballerina, New York Times bestselling author, and star of PBS’s Classical Stretch, Miranda Esmonde-White.

The fields of sports and fitness are presently dominated by injury and chronic pain. Scientific studies are proving that the old philosophy of “No Pain, No Gain” is false and that pain and injuries are unnecessary biproducts of physical activity. For decades, former ballerina and New York Times bestselling author of Aging Backwards, Miranda Esmonde-White, has been developing a solution to the chronic pain produced by a lifetime of injuries and ageing, leaving her as spry later in life as most of us would dream to be in our twenties.

The secret to mobility, strength, flexibility, good posture, and peak fitness is a daily Essentrics workout. Miranda’s revolutionary technique is paving the way to create younger, stronger more mobile bodies without injury or pain. This trailblazing program rooted in science has delivered world champions and Olympic medalists by preventing injuries and healing pain. Now, for the first time, it is available in book form offering:
-A large range of motion sequences to strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system
-Bonus posture workouts tailored for athletes, peak performers, and users who want to minimize back and joint pain
-Information and strategies to completely restore the body
-And much more.

The Miracle of Flexibility offers a blueprint for using this revolutionary range-of-motion-strengthening technique in your own home. With no equipment required, this method has been successfully taught around the world by thousands of certified instructors. It builds strength, increases range of motion, and assists in recovering from chronic pain and injuries.
Miranda Esmonde-White is a former ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada; owner of Essentrics, a fitness company; and host of the long-running PBS fitness TV shows, Classical Stretch and The Aging Backwards series. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Aging Backwards and other books, Forever Painless, Aging Backwards: Fast Track, and The Miracle of Flexibility. She is the creator of Essentrics, which has helped thousands of devoted followers worldwide gain strength and mobility while healing old wounds and relieving chronic pain. She is a successful author, teacher, and TV Host. 
Product Details ISBN: 9781668000168
ISBN-10: 1668000164
Publisher: S&S/Simon Element
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 480
Language: English
“I’ve been doing Essentrics for over 10 years. As a former dancer, I fell in love with the technique and how it made my body feel. Over the years I’ve grown to appreciate what the technique does to calm my entire nervous system. Every morning on set I do a 15-45 minute Essentrics warm up in my trailer. It helps me tune into my body, align my posture and tap into a mindful state.” –Sarah Gadon, Actor (Star of ‘Alias Grace’ & ‘True Detective’)

"Miranda combines scientific principles with intuition in creating Essentrics, a workout that rebalances the full musculoskeletal system through using flexibility training to increase strength.  Essentrics complements any fitness routine and offers a huge potential for health promotion and disease prevention." –Emilia Zarco, Chair of the Department of Health and Sport Sciences at Adelphi University

"I have been doing Essentrics two to three times a week for the past 20 years to date. As an athlete it with recovery and added speed and balance to my game...It allowed me to train harder and perform better." –Jonathon Power, World Squash Champion, Became #1 in 1998 and retired #1 in 2007