Conflict Resolution And De-Escalation Strategies (Paperback)

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Conflict Resolution And De-Escalation Strategies (Paperback)


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The news media is awash with countless conflicts all over the universe. Such conflicts in the past gave rise to the formation of the League of Nations after the First World War- a feat credited to President Woodrow Wilson. Later the United Nations was formed after the Second World War - a formation attributed to President Franklin Roosevelt.

Conflicts happen every day at home, work, church, civil society. Conflicts exist between parent and child; husband and wife; employer and employee; student and teacher, the list is endless. It is within the purview of this book to discuss how to deal with conflicts before and after any escalation. Specifically, the use of mediation in conflict resolution is one central focus of this book. With appropriate strategies, reconciliation is possible even after a fierce and protracted conflict.

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