60 Dates in Six Months (with a Broken Neck) (Paperback)

60 Dates in Six Months (with a Broken Neck) By Maureen Anne Meehan Cover Image

60 Dates in Six Months (with a Broken Neck) (Paperback)


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Book Synopsis: 60 Dates in Six Months (with a Broken Neck) is a nonfiction book surrounding a personal experience attempting to date at age 58. It didn't start out as a goal to write a book in a new genre, but it's a numbers game requiring note-taking to keep it straight. Upon review over dinner with a girlfriend, it dawned on me that this was funny. In the middle of this journey, I fell and broke my neck and it was serious. Decisions had to be made. I decided to keep dating by writing about it. And so it goes. "60 Dates in Six Months (with a Broken Neck)" is nonfiction satire and hysterically funny but honest.

´╗┐´╗┐Autobiography: Meet Maureen Anne Meehan, a multi-talented individual with a fascinating journey to share. From earning degrees in education to pursue a career in law and eventually becoming a judge, Maureen's life took a dramatic turn when a tragic event inspired her to create a world of legal thrillers. Hailing from the charming town of Sheridan, Wyoming, Maureen's six novels are set against the backdrop of this picturesque state.

Living in Southern California with her rescue kittens and occasionally visited by her four adult children, Maureen's literary works have garnered recognition, with one of her books even featured in the prestigious New York Times Magazine. Her novels, including titles like "Dying to Ski, a Mary MacIntosh novel"; "Snake River Secret, a Mary MacIntosh novel"; "Powder River Poison, a Mary MacIntosh novel"; "Pandemic Predatory, a Mary MacIntosh novel"; "Poisoned by Proxy, a Mary MacIntosh novel"; and "The Five, a Mary MacIntosh novel"." have captivated readers with their gripping narratives.

In addition to her legal thrillers, Maureen has ventured into the realm of non-fiction with her latest work, "60 Dates in Six Months (With a Broken Neck)." This satirical account chronicles her experiences in the tumultuous world of modern dating following the passing of her husband a decade ago. Despite facing challenges, Maureen's determination to find love shines through as she navigates the ups and downs of the dating scene.

With a passion for her work as a mental health judge and a love for writing, Maureen embodies a blend of intelligence, athleticism, charm, and wit. While some may find her intimidating due to her impressive achievements, Maureen remains undeterred in her quest for companionship. As she embarks on this new chapter in her life, Maureen is excited to collaborate with someone who can embody her spirit and bring her story to life on the screen.

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Publication Date: April 4th, 2024
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