Fuck, Now There Are Two of You (Go the Fuck to Sleep #3) (Hardcover)

Fuck, Now There Are Two of You (Go the Fuck to Sleep #3) By Adam Mansbach, Owen Brozman (Illustrator) Cover Image

Fuck, Now There Are Two of You (Go the Fuck to Sleep #3) (Hardcover)

By Adam Mansbach, Owen Brozman (Illustrator)


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The third installment in Adam Mansbach's international best-selling Go the Fuck to Sleep series addresses, with radical honesty, the family implosion that occurs when a second child arrives

“If you’re a fan of both Larry David and profane children’s book parodies, don’t even try to curb your f*cking enthusiasm.” —Kirkus Reviews

Adam Mansbach famously gave voice to two of parenting’s primal struggles in Go the Fuck to Sleep and You Have to Fucking Eat—the often-imitated, never-duplicated pair of New York Times best sellers that ushered in a new era of radical honesty in humor books for parents. But what could possibly be left?

Parents—new, old, expectant, and grand—of multiple children already knew the answer. Adam discovered it for himself by having two more kids, less than two years apart.

Fuck, Now There Are Two of You is a loving monologue about the new addition to the family, addressed to a big sibling and shot through with Adam’s trademark profane truth-telling. Gorgeously illustrated and chock-full of unspoken sentiments channeled directly from the brains of parents worldwide, Fuck, Now There Are Two of You articulates all the fears and frustrations attendant to the simple, math-defying fact that two is a million more kids than one.

As you probably know by now, you shouldn’t read it to a child.

Adam Mansbach is a novelist, screenwriter, humorist, and cultural critic (in addition to having built an obscene fake children's book empire). His books include Rage Is Back, the California Book Award–winning The End of the Jews, and the best sellers Angry Black White Boy and For This We Left Egypt?, cowritten with Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel. Mansbach was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his screenplay for the Netflix Original Barry, and is currently adapting his middle-grade novel Jake the Fake Keeps It Real for the Disney Channel. His work has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times Book Review, Esquire, and on National Public Radio's This American Life, the Moth, and All Things Considered.

Owen Brozman is the illustrator of the New York Times bestseller You Have to Fucking Eat, Kindness & Salt, and the acclaimed graphic novel Nature of the Beast. He has illustrated for National Geographic, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out New York, Ninja Tune, Scholastic, and numerous other clients. His work has been recognized by 3x3 magazine, the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Creative Quarterly, and many more. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
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Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 32
Language: English
Adam Mansbach, who famously told the world’s children, Go the F**k to Sleep, is back with the third installment of his profane picture books . . . This time around, his loving but overwhelmed narrator is dealing with the demands of caring for a second child. Naturally, the book is called, F**k, Now There Are Two of You.

— Washington Post Book Club

Kudos to Adam Mansbach for revealing parenting as an exercise in failed self-control and to Owen Brozman for making it look so fun despite all the despair.
— New York Journal of Books

Hey, you know when you find out you’re having a second baby, and you’re overjoyed remembering that sweet newborn smell and thinking of all the cuddles, then you start remembering the sleep deprivation, the crying, the near-constant feeding, realize now you have to face all that while also keeping your older child alive, and go ‘Oh, f*ck?’ There’s a book for that.
— HuffPost Canada

The cheeky follow-up is about a household that has grown to a family of four, which (surprise) is harder than one kid. Mansbach knows his material well, having had two kids in less than two years. The result: A hilarious, affectionate monologue addressed to the older sibling. Not to be read to a child.
— New York Post, Buzz Book pick

F**k, Now There Are Two of You, seems brilliantly aimed at skewering the frustrating family dynamic of suddenly having two children to deal with instead of just one. Being an American family of four can be tough as shit, and but thankfully, the ‘f**k’ book series is here to help.

— Fatherly