The Coyote Bead (Paperback)

The Coyote Bead By Gerald Hausman Cover Image

The Coyote Bead (Paperback)


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When the "blue coats," United States federal forces, came to move The People from their land, many Navajo lost their lives, and most were driven away on The Long Walk. His tribe decimated, his parents murdered, one boy manages to escape with his shaman grandfather. Their quest: to save their people by finding and reuniting the mythical and powerful coyote beads, which balance the opposing energies of peace and violence, harmony and war.

But the trickster Coyote, who appears in the guise of the brutal Ute Indian Two-Face, is hunting them for the blue coats, and the boy knows that only the powerful magic of the ritual coyote beads can defeat this feared enemy. They must recover the beads!

Now, share the adventure. Discover the stunning and unforgettable journey of a young man in a time of terrible turmoil, who conquers the greatest of evils with love, honor, and the magic of his ancestors.

A Young Spirit book, based on a family story of vast historical and spiritual importance.

Product Details ISBN: 9781571741455
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Publication Date: September 1st, 1999
Pages: 144