The History of England (Hardcover)

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The History of England (Hardcover)


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First published in 1791, The History of England is a refreshingly witty, classic account of England's royal reigns from Henry IV through to Charles I. Written by Jane Austen aged 15, this is a topic she studied when she was a child.

In this mischievous satire on school history books, Austen's delightful juvinilia highlights her dry wit and advanced talent for writing. The History of England gives a humorous account of the country's well-known kings and queens, and is complete with Austen's original spelling quirks.

Describing herself as a 'partial, prejudiced and ignorant historian', Austen uses a light-hearted tone to parody the dry history books popularly seen in schools. This lively book mocks historians with outrageous characters and deliciously naughty intelligence.

This satirical volume's contents includes:

  1. - Henry the 4th
  1. - Henry the 5th
  1. - Henry the 6th
  1. - Edward the 4th
  1. - Edward the 5th
  1. - Richard the 3rd
  1. - Henry the 7th
  1. - Henry the 8th
  1. - Edward the 6th
  1. - Mary
  1. - Elizabeth
  1. - James the 1st
  1. - Charles the 1st

Proudly republished by Read & Co. Books, this classic treasure is a must-read for collectors of Austen's work and fans of English history.

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