Transscalar Critique: Climate, Blackness, Crisis (Hardcover)

Transscalar Critique: Climate, Blackness, Crisis By Henry Ivry Cover Image

Transscalar Critique: Climate, Blackness, Crisis (Hardcover)


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The history of the contemporary is a history of crisis - most centrally, the twinned crises of environmental destruction and anti-Black violence. Transscalar Critique argues that contemporary Black literature navigates this crisis by taking a transscalar approach, understanding crisis as working on multiple scales simultaneously, from the molecular to the geological, from the economic to the aesthetic. As a consequence, this book proposes transscalar critique as a mode of literary criticism. Organized around specific crises and authors, Transscalar Critique argues that crisis offers a window into how competing analytical, artistic, and planetary frameworks collide. In a moment of crisis, questions of race, geology, politics, epistemology, and ontology are brought into focus in surprising and unexpected ways and Transscalar Critique uses the literary, critical, and public policy responses to these events to reveal connections between the human and nonhuman worlds.

Henry Ivry is a Lecturer 20th and 21st Century Literature in the School of Critical Studies at the University of Glasgow.
Product Details ISBN: 9781399506465
ISBN-10: 1399506463
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Publication Date: January 10th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English