Shooting Iron (A Devil's Gulch Western #2) (Mass Market)

Shooting Iron (A Devil's Gulch Western #2) By William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone Cover Image

Shooting Iron (A Devil's Gulch Western #2) (Mass Market)


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From the greatest western writers of the 21st century, the thundering new adventure starring traveling gunslinger John Holt, a lawman-for-hire on a mission to serve justice across the untamed Colorado territories – one bullet at a time.

One of the deadliest, crime-infested towns in Colorado Territory, Devil’s Gulch needed more than a sheriff. They needed a gunslinger. So they pinned a badge on hardcase lawman John Holt. And the rest is history. . . .

When the Devil Escapes
As the town’s new sheriff, John Holt achieved the impossible: He drove the devil out of Devil’s Gulch. Corrupt, cutthroat rancher Joe Mullen—who ruled the land with an iron fist—is finally behind bars, all thanks to Sheriff Holt. But the tables are turned when Mullen manages to overturn his prison wagon and make his escape—with an army of prisoners, outlaws, and lowlifes to do his bidding. . . .

All Hell Breaks Loose.
It doesn’t take long for the streets of Devil’s Gulch to run red with blood. Again. Or for Holt to be marked for death. Again. But this time, the sheriff’s up against more than a hundred men—all of them gunning for him—and his only allies are an all-too-young deputy, an all-too-angry farmer, and a wayward wagon cook. With odds this bad, Holt is sure of only one thing: when you shoot at the devil, it’s best not to miss.

Live Free. Read Hard.
William W. Johnstone is the #1 bestselling Western writer in America and the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of hundreds of books, with over 50 million copies sold. Born in southern Missouri, he was raised with strong moral and family values by his minister father, and tutored by his schoolteacher mother. He left school at fifteen to work in a carnival and then as a deputy sheriff before serving in the army. He went on to become known as "the Greatest Western writer of the 21st Century." Visit him online at

J.A. Johnstone learned to write from the master himself, Uncle William W. Johnstone, who began tutoring J.A. at an early age. After‑school hours were often spent retyping manuscripts or researching his massive American Western History library as well as the more modern wars and conflicts. J.A. worked hard and learned, later going on to become the co‑author of William W. Johnstone’s many bestselling westerns and thrillers. J.A. Johnstone lives on a ranch in Tennessee and more information is at
Product Details ISBN: 9780786049745
ISBN-10: 078604974X
Publisher: Pinnacle
Publication Date: October 24th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: A Devil's Gulch Western