Mrs. Perivale and the Dragon Prince (Paperback)

Mrs. Perivale and the Dragon Prince By Dash Hoffman Cover Image

Mrs. Perivale and the Dragon Prince (Paperback)


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Alice Perivale saved the world, now she's pleased to make a teacup garden.

73 year old Mrs. Perivale is enjoying time with her grandson when her secret vial of dragon's blood begins to glow brightly, and she fears that things have gone terribly wrong in the magical land of Corev since she left. Alice loses no time in calling her mighty dragon friend Diovalo out of foreboding, thunderous skies, to land in Hyde Park and whisk her, her six cats, her butler Henderson, and her stunned grandson away.

Armed with stab-tastic knitting needles, her fist high in the air, Alice is certain she's ready to find and rescue the fire dragons who have vanished without a trace. Her task becomes almost impossible when her company is betrayed, her family is pulled apart, and her identity is splintered, but Alice knows that hope is the brightest light in darkness.

How can she help those who need her most when every step takes her somewhere she never imagined she'd be?

Mrs. Perivale and the Dragon Prince is the second book in the enchanting Mrs. Perivale YA fantasy series. If you're looking to escape reality for a while with a laugh-out-loud, heart-touching adventure, discover the heroine you never knew you needed today

#1 International Best Seller The internationally bestselling and much-beloved Mrs. Perivale series was written specifically for the viral meme below:

@broodingYAhero said, "It's amazing how many prophecies involve teens. You'd think they'd pick more emotionally stable people, with more free time. Like grandmas."

To which @Dinuriel replied, "...I would read the hell out of a series of a chosen eighty-five-year-old woman who goes on epic journeys throughout a dangerous and magical land, armed only with a cane and her stab-tastic knitting needles, accompanied by her six cats and a skittish-yet-devoted orderly who makes sure she takes her pills on time.

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Product Details ISBN: 9780578784649
ISBN-10: 0578784645
Publisher: Paris Publishing
Publication Date: October 11th, 2020
Pages: 322
Language: English