Swann's Way (Norton Critical Editions) (Paperback)

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By Marcel Proust, Susanna Lee (Editor)
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Marcel Proust was forty-two years old whenSwann's Way was published, but its foundational ideas and general shape had been evolving for decades. "Contexts" includes a 1912 reader's report of the manuscript that exemplifies publishers' complicated reactions to Proust's new form of writing. Also included are three important post-publication reviews of the novel, by Elie-Joseph Bois, Lucien Daudet, and Paul Souday, as well as Andre Arnyvelde's 1913 interview with Proust. The fourteen critical essays and interpretations ofSwann's Way in this volume speak to the novel's many facets--from the musical to the artistic to its representations of Judaism and homosexuality. Contributors include Gerard Genette, whose "Metonymy in Proust" appears here in English translation for the first time, along with Gilles Deleuze, Roger Shattuck, Claudia Brodsky, Julia Kristeva, Margaret E. Gray, and Alain de Botton, among others. The edition also includes a Chronology of Proust's Life and Work, a Selected Chronology of French Literature from 1870 to 1929, and a Selected Bibliography.
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ISBN: 9780393919165
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Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: October 4th, 2013
Pages: 608
Language: English
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