Should You Be Laughing at This? (Hardcover)

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Should You Be Laughing at This? (Hardcover)


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Hugleikur Gagsson's Should You Be Laughing at This? has achieved revered cult status and taken the Icelandic publishing world by storm. Of course, Iceland is a country whose national drink is called "Black Death," national dish is putrefied shark meat, and national literacy rate is 99.9%. That may give you a small idea of the dark but brilliant mind behind the shamefully addicting cartoons in this book. From the absurd to the offensive to the immoral, Dagsson includes every taboo out there. And when you find yourself snickering and cackling, you'll stop and ask yourself, "Should You Be Laughing at This?"

Hugleikur Dagsson is from Iceland. His full name is Thorarinn Hugleikur Dagsson (which means "Thor's eagle mind game son of day"). He graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2002 and has participated in dozens of art shows, mainly exhibiting drawings, but sometimes photographs and video pieces. He has also dabbled in animation. He started self-publishing his comics in 2002 and received his first book deal in 2005, the same year he wrote a play based on his comics. The play, "Avoid us", won him the best playwright award in 2006 at Griman, the Icelandic theatre awards. Since then he has been busy writing more plays and comics.

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Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: October 30th, 2007
Pages: 176
Language: English