Cory Doctorow visited on 2/7/13.

Catch a bit of his talk here!


thanks to Litseen!

  Here's a small sampling of work from the fall 2012 class of young writers who met once a week at The Booksmith. Cheers to Take My Word for It!



LITSEEN filmed the inaugural San Francisco

reading for McSweeney's Poetry Series,

here at The Booksmith on 10/26.

Watch them here!

   If you missed meeting and hearing D.T. Max talk about David Foster Wallace and Max's biography of DFW, Every Love Story is a Ghost Story, Litseen's come to the rescue. Watch the video now.




Pantheon Books revealed the gorgeous design of the various editions of Mark Z. Danielewski's forthcoming The Fifty Year Sword, today, via io9. We're hosting a full-out treat of an event with Mark and company on October 23. Consider it the best possible Halloween treat for adults. Grab tickets while they're still available; for now, savor the books:







Our pals at Litseen videotaped much of Rob Reid's YEAR ZERO

talk a few weeks ago here, and it's now yours for the viewing!



David Mitchell is, simply, an astoundingly fine writer. He’s also a lovely, warm man. We know we’re far from being the only booksellers/readers who revere his work. Contemplating how in the world a film could be created from his complex Cloud Atlas was difficult for most of us, but it’s been done. The film premiers this fall at the Toronto Film Festival, but there’s a delicious, satisfying trailer to watch right now:








If you missed David Talbot in May,

click here to watch and listen

as he discusses Season of the Witch!



Thanks to Evan Karp and Litseen for filming Daniel Levin Becker, John McMurtrie, Robin Sloan, Matthew Zapruder, and Scott Esposito when they gathered for our May 10 panel discussion of The Oulipo -- the subject of Levin Becker's new book, Many Subtle Channels -- at Z Space!


Watch here.