About Us


Christin Evans and Praveen Madan

Christin Evans, literary entrepreneur, runs two Bay Area bookstores. In 2007, she and her husband, Praveen Madan, purchased The Booksmith in San Francisco’s historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. In 2008 with Melissa Mytinger, they helped launch Berkeley Arts & Letters, now the East Bay’s most successful author event series. Christin also currently acts as the head of inventory management at Kepler's Books, Silicon Valley’s landmark bookstore established by pacifist Roy Kepler in 1955, a store which she and Praveen assumed stewardship over in 2012. Together they revamped Kepler's as a hybrid business with an affiliated non-profit events program. Having made it her work to re-imagine the role independent bookstores play in their communities and how best they can be sustainable cultural institutions, she's active in neighborhood associations and she welcomes conversations! Christin worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney; she holds a B.A. from Vassar College and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. 




As Booksmith's former Events Director, Amy (she/her) produced and emceed ShipwreckSF with Casey Childers for five and a half years. She now moonlights for Booksmith (design, web, newsletters) remotely from New York, where she lives and writes and misses you terribly. Find her on your platform of choice as @losertakesall, listen to her fairy tale podcast, Old Wives, and subscribe to her newsletter about mystery books. She is only listed first because her name starts with 'A.'

Anah is an artist/illustrator (currently studying graphic design at CCA) who does all the window displays and artsy stuff for the Booksmith. A certified CA Naturalist, she raises exotic moths and mantids, sells dead bugs on Etsy, and teaches workshops on insect pinning and Bay Area ecology. She generally leans toward the darker side of things, and would love nothing more than to live out the rest of her life in a haunted greenhouse.   



Camden (he/him) reads an awful lot. His tastes are spastic but not unpredictable. He finds gin an ideal accompaniment to any emergency and can cook a soufflẻ but always, always burns the toast. He is also Booksmith's lead buyer.




An ex- and future hermit from Savannah, Georgia, Evan's responsible for Litseen and Quiet Lightning. Since moving to SF in 2009, he's written columns for the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, KQED, and SF/Arts, managed front of house at SOMArts Cultural Center and The Emerald Tablet, and produced 200+ events featuring 1,100+ artists in 80+ venues, from dive bars and art galleries to state parks and national landmarks. When he's not managing events for Booksmith, The Bindery, and Berkeley Arts & Letters, he's usually combining words and other sounds with his brother Miles as Turk & Divis.



Jennie (she/her) has taken the taunt "if you love books so much, why don't you marry them?" far too seriously, which is why she is a bookseller, reviewer, and young adult/middle grade literary agent. When she occasionally ventures into the three-dimensional world, she can be found cross-stitching, cooking, going to loud rock concerts, buying turquoise sparkly things, reading tarot, and waxing poetic about history.



Lily is a perpetually stressed-out high school student  who will always have three essays due at any given moment. She likes reading the news, most kinds of books, and taking pictures. She has 11 sheep, four cats, three chickens, and two dogs and can talk about all of them for long periods of time. 




Lisa (She/Her) is a writer currently study journalism and graphic design at city college. Her articles have been published in Make: magazine. As a reader, she likes science fiction and fantasy, stories about the power of stories, and illuminating nonfiction. When she's not at the Booksmith or in class, she spends a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing, lurking around the financial district, and connecting with her friends.



Otto (he/him) is a writer who isn’t quite sure what he wants to do yet, but he figures it’s okay because he’s under 20 years old. He’s written plays, short stories, and many things in between. He loves everything Star Wars and often listens to Pet Shop Boys. Booksmith was the first bookstore Otto ever walked into in his life. His favorite thing to do is to take walks in dense fog while listening to music too loudly. 



Sarah (she/her) hails from smalltown Georgia and has called San Francisco home since 2009. Lover of books, music, astronomy, true crime, live theatre, and hearing about that funny thing your cat does. Would always rather be camping.




Shiara (she/her) is a bookseller who is passionate about human rights and environmental justice, Black liberation and abolition, and allowing herself to exist as boldly and honestly as she possibly can. She’s from sunny SoCal and for this reason alone, believes she can bring most plants back from the brink of death (may her fallen flora rest in peace). When she’s not at the Booksmith, she’s studying Global Politics, African Studies, and French studies, serving as the Events Coordinator for the University of San Francisco’s Black Student Union, or searching for the biggest and cheapest bottle of red wine.



Susan (she/her) has 13 years in the bay under her belt. When she's not reading, you can find her swimming in the bay, frolicing in the woods, or attempting to write poetry. She's a big fan of plants, the brain, and genuinely believes that taking baths is a hobby. The last thing she googled was " how many alpacas do you need to make sure they are happy?". Future homesteader. 




Telecommuting guru of store reorders and special projects. Lover of literary fiction, sociological reportage, music journalism, and nature writing. A fool for a good cookbook, always ready for a new challenge in the kitchen. An unrepentant music junkie, known to lose himself in record shops for hours on end. A runner, an amateur photographer, a tireless traveler, and-- most importantly-- the proud Daddy of the sweetest, most charming dog in the entire world. (he/him)