Upstream Author: Darren Mckeeman

Introducing Booksmith's newest Upstream author: Darren Mckeeman!

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front cover of America's Last Emperor by Darren MckeemanDarren Mckeeman originally hails from Atlanta, Georgia but his home is San Francisco since 1996. His teenage brushes with the law for computer hacking gave him time to win a contest for writing in jail, encouraged by no less than Bruce Sterling. Once out of jail, he wrote articles for Compute! and role-playing game supplements for White Wolf Game Studio. He also joined the notorious hacking supergroup the Cult of the Dead Cow and chronicled some of his run-ins with the likes of Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson for their text file archives.

When Darren moved to San Francisco, he started the infamous website Gothic.Net and focused on literary horror fiction. Gothic.Net was the first genre web publication to pay professional rates in 1997. He published the likes of Peter Straub, Brian Keene, and many more writers. He also wrote his first novel, a rather dated piece of millennial musing called City of Apocrypha

Darren is also an entrepreneur and has started many companies. His latest company was KinkBNB, which understandably got sidelined by the pandemic. Stuck inside and with nothing to really do, Darren ended up writing America's Last Emperor, the first of three volumes of a fictional biography of Emperor Norton. Readers can follow along as he writes each book on his Patreon page. 

He spends his time restoring and sailing an old sailboat and is an avid sailor. His favorite dog breed is schipperke. His favorite bar is Spec's. He lives with his family in North Beach, near the long-gone North Beach Zoo. 

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