Environmental Policy Statement


As a book shop we’re in the business of purveying books but also thoughts, ideas, dreams. Capitalism’s built on unsustainability and we’re not out here selling easy solutions. But storytelling requires a future. Our approach to commerce is always to face our daily work with as light an environmental impact as possible, and to challenge ourselves to be and do better. Taking accountability for our environmental impact also means honoring the integrity of the communities we exist in, locally and globally—especially those historically forced to bear the brunt of environmental hazards. For us, environmental integrity comes from and goes back to community care and environmental justice. It means examining what we do at every level to understand our impact, meaningfully mitigating our carbon emissions and waste production, and projecting ourselves into a more equitable future.

We’re proud to share that in 2023 we became a certified green business—not an end, but certainly a beginning. 

Thanks for shopping with us!