Introducing Books Not Bans

Step right up, dear readers. We're joining our comrades at Fabulosa Books in a drive called BOOKS NOT BANS. From now until forever, we're accepting donations that we'll use to send crates of queer, affirmative, necessary books all over the country to people who need them. These are going to people who desperately need them but who live in book deserts and communities where new book bans are rolling out daily. We don't need to tell you things are serious out there: this is a lifeline for people whose lives and wellbeing are in danger. 

We have the great good fortune to exist in a space where we're able to feature, read, talk about and sell absolutely any books we like: as individuals, we've fought hard to be able to make a life in San Francisco that gives us access to that kind of freedom, and now we're extending a hand to people who need our help.

To donate, simply ask to buy any quantity of $10 book vouchers in the shop or add them to your cart on our website. Every dollar will be used to directly funnel queer books into the hands of people who need them. For the safety of our partner organizations, the recipients of our donation crates will remain anonymous.

If you hear about our program and want to connect us to another group who wants to serve as a distribution location, please share and email Fabulosa Books at info [at] fabulosabooks [dot] com.


the Booksmith