SHIPWRECK: Competitive Erotic Fanfiction for Literate Perverts (A Christmas Carol edition)

Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 7:00pm



6 Great Writers Destroy 1 Great Book, 1 Character at a Time

Good theatre for bad literature? Marital aid for book nerds? Competitive erotic fanfiction at its finest? Shipwreck is all of these things.

Six Great Writers will destroy one Great Book, one Great Character at a time, in service of the transcendent and the profane (and also laughs). Marvel as beloved characters are plucked from their worlds and made to do stuff they were never meant to do in places they were never meant to see.

You choose the best Ship. The winning writer chooses their character for the next Shipwreck, and returns to defend their title.


November winner Ivan Hernandez battles with Heather Donahue, Alan Leggitt, Sarah Griff, Brian Karfunkel, and Nick Baker



All stories will be recited by Shakespearean Thespian in Residence, Sir Steven Westdahl, from his private chamber at Booksmith Castle, both to preserve the majesty of the written work and to ensure the honesty of the audience when voting for a winner.

Tickets $10 (includes drinks), available in the store or at Brown Paper Tickets online