JOHNNY DRAGO and EC CRANDALL / Executive Privilege

Friday, January 18, 2013 - 7:30pm


The year is 1983, and powerhouse executive businesswoman Carolyne Feldencrest, CEO of TightFit Jazz Aerobics United, wants three things: power, money, and sex -- lots of it. Naturally, she has her eye on the competition: Deep Tissue Nautilus Supply Co. Industries. Unfortunately for her, company founder and rising star in the world of at-home workout equipment, Peter Mansfield, has a few tricks of his own up his cufflinked sleeve -- and down his slacks.

From gold-plated, mahogany-trimmed boardrooms to sumptuous bedrooms of sensual decadence, these two no-nonsense go-getters will stop at no-nothing until they go-get what they want-fiscally and sexually. The looming corporate takeover and backstabbing power plays put tensions -- and intrigue -- at an all-time high, high above Manhattan's bustling fitness district, and deep within the sexual underground of the gay and lesbian corporate gold status elite. Who will come out on top -- and who will come the hardest, in this world of lurid affairs and Executive Privilege? Hilarious satire, steamy erotica, and the intensity of a fast-paced corporate thriller!

"This sexy and hilarious book is perfect for all queers and revolutionaries. It's good fun!"  - Margaret Cho


Johnny Drago (Dale Vigor) is an Atlanta-based writer of plays and fiction. EC Crandall (Teri Dee Strung) is a poet and teaches writing at Columbia University. Together, they co-created, wrote, and edited the popular blog, Breeder's Digest: Helping Straight People Help Themselves Since 2008. Executive Privilege is the first novel in their Feldenfield Series.




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