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Start: 6:00 pm
    Poetry! Music! Creativity! All this and much more will be presented at the San Francisco Waldorf High School's Literary Magazine Club-sponsored "Winter Literary Reading with Music & Song" at The Booksmith. Let the talents of the SFWHS students inspire you through their performances.   Literary readings by Noam Baruch, Rose Bialer, Anna Byrne-Deming, Lionelle Erlenwein, Jules Christeson, Rebecca Cohen, Miranda Hollingswood, Samantha Martinez, Zoe Rosenthal, Davia Schendel, and Eva Tsenin.   Music and songs by Nehemiah Aldrich, Sarah Burgin, Henry Carges, Ida Fox, Haley Grey, and Anna Smith.        
Start: 7:00 pm
  NICK FLYNN THE REENACTMENTS In conversation with Rebecca Solnit Music from Penelope Houston and Cass McCombs   Presented by St. Cyprian’s in association with The Rumpus   For Nick Flynn, that game we all play -- the who-would-play-you-in-the-movie-of-your-life game -- has been resolved. The Reenactments chronicles the surreal experience of being on set during the making of the film Being Flynn, from his best-selling memoir Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, and watching the central events of his life reenacted: his father's long run of homelessness and his mother's suicide. Flynn tells the story of Robert De Niro's first meeting with his real father in Boston and of watching Julianne Moore attempt to throw herself into the sea. The result is a mesmerizingly sharp-edged and kaleidoscopic literary tour de force as well as a compelling argument about consciousness, representation, and grief.   Flynn will talk with San Francisco writer, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit, the author of thirteen books about art, landscape, public and collective life, ecology, politics, hope, meandering, reverie and memory, including Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas, and A Field Guide To Getting Lost.    Penelope Houston is a Bay Area musician and artist. In 1977 she formed the iconic punk band, the Avengers. Her dark literate folkrock can be heard on her most recent album On Market Street.      Cass McCombs was born in 1977 and raised in Northern California.  He in a child of the 70s…Rather than fulfilling the stereotype of confessional singer-songwriter, he describes the lifestyle and feelings of those that surround him, with more love than judgment.  McCombs is a mirror.  7:00 PM at St. Cyprian's (2097 Turk at Lyon, San Francisco) All profits with be donated to Delivering Innovation In Supportive Housing (DISH), a supportive housing/homeless services organization.   Get Tickets Now $10   We’ll be there with books. Please join us all!
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