Thursday, July 28, 7PM, featuring Val Brelinski (The Girl Who Slept With God) | Details
Thursday, August 18, 7PM, featuring Richard Kadrey, Na'amen Tilahun, and Dave Rudden | Details


Bookswap is your new favorite no-homework book club happening on the third Thursday of the month at 7PM.
Bring a book that losely fits the theme (or not, no pressure). Talk about it with other Book People. Get 20% off whatever you buy that night. Meet an author. Enjoy an open bar (21+) and snacks. Leave with free ARCs courtesy of Booksmith. 
$10 gets you all that and MORE. All you have to do is bring a book.   
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 "Think cocktail party, with a bookish twist." - Litquake
"An idea every Independent Bookstore should steal." - Conversational Reading
"...embodies the spirit both of innovation and community..." - The Examiner