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Christin Evans, literary entrepreneur, runs two Bay Area bookstores. In 2007, she and her husband, Praveen Madan, purchased  The Booksmith in San Francisco’s historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. In 2008 with Melissa Mytinger, they launched Berkeley Arts & Letters, now the East Bay’s most successful author event series. In 2012, Christin assumed leadership of store operations for Kepler’s Books, the Silicon Valley’s landmark bookstore established by pacifist Roy Kepler in 1955, now a hybrid business with an affiliated non-profit events program..Having made it her work to re-imagine the role independent bookstores play in their communities and how best they can be sustainable cultural institutions, she's active in neighborhood associations and she welcomes conversations! Christin worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney; she holds a B.A. from Vassar College and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Contact Christin.


Meet The Booksmith Staff!



Amy is a curly-haired human female who is only listed first because her name starts with A. She is Booksmith's Event Coordinatrix, as well as its game show hostpervert emeritus, and nail polish aficionado. You can find her blogging about the Haight, or tweeting & tumbling for Booksmith








Camden reads an awful lot. He is fond of extremity. Lately he is interested in how things are different, also how they are the same. If you have some time he'd love to talk to you about that.







is a poet and artist living in San Francisco, and is pursuing her MFA in poetry at SFSU. She is a Kundiman fellow, recipient of the William Dickey Fellowship, the San Francisco Foundation's Phelan Award, the Anne Fields Poetry Award and the Kathryn A. Manoogian Scholarship. She folds cranes obsessively as a performative act with no desire to develop the art further. The crane as a symbol is irrelevant and arbitrary. She believes the over 10,000 cranes she’s made over a three-year period is merely a byproduct of coping with, among other concerns, the disenchantment of earning a fine arts graduate degree during a recession.  






Colin both reads and writes books. He Tumbls too, from time to time. This is his favorite person, but he likes most people quite a bit. He's new to San Francisco, but it has always been his home.







Cynthia is the honey badger of the Booksmith, which means you better treat her well or she'll attack ... She looks harmless enough, but watch out. Cynthia wants to know what you're reading. She doesn't give a $#*+ if you buy physical books or  e-books. She only wants you to buy them from The Booksmith.






Deborah grew up all over the world but has lately been hanging out in the Bay Area. She owns a lot of books and not a single bookcase. She also loves Hershey's chocolate, buying shoes, and making people laugh (always at her, of course.) You'll most likely see her attempting to dance, shelve books, and drink coconut water simultaneously.






Eden hails from the rural South and loves tea, climbing (on everything), astronomy, yoga, video games, puns, warm weather, painting, and lingerie (ooh la la!). Her dislikes include smudges on her glasses, cold weather, rude people, mushrooms, coffee, and reality television. She is very clumsy and wastes way too much time on the internet. Often heard talking in memes and making sound effects, Eden can be found hiding away in the science fiction section of The Booksmith.





Greer thinks that tea is the answer to most things, except
when the answer is a smoothie. She detests coffee, but is usually able to forgive people who drink it, as long as they don't make her smell it too strongly. Then she gets grumpy. When Greer is not reading, she is maybe writing. (Her first stories, written when she was six, were Angelina Ballerina fanfiction. She is happy to report she has since moved on to different subject matter.) One of her coworkers says she has a broken internal thermostat, which is a fancy way of saying she is probably currently too hot.




A good day is spent on the couch with a book and a cup of tea. 

Usually, though, something happens or needs to be done. 




  Lauren G.


Reader, writer, ballerina, letter-writer.  Singer, swinger, paper and art book buyer.  Lover of London and Paris, New York and her bed, she's done the time and has got the street cred.





 Lauren O.

Lauren has been an avid reader of children's books since
the age of 4. She has Big Plans to whip the Booksmith's children's department into shape. When she's not searching for the perfect book for eager readers of all ages, Lauren can be found reading (on the BART, in line at the grocery store, or at home on the sunny side of the Bay), baking, and art-making. Ask her anything, we promise she won't bite.






Megan Kurashige is a dancer and a writer. She dances for Liss Fain Dance and burns : work in San Francisco. Her
fiction and poetry has appeared, or will appear, in Sybil's Garage, Strange Horizons, and Electric Velocipede. She likes to rock socks and shake souls. She is also an inveterate reader, and when she is not dancing or writing, she is most likely curled up somewhere, turning pages and traveling to other worlds.




Has been a bookseller since forever, is always looking for a story she hasn’t heard before, is doubtful there are ever enough books, produces Berkeley Arts & Letters, and books and manages Booksmith’s author events, in between books. Email events@booksmith.com






Rachel grew up literally and figuratively in San Francisco. She spent a long time away before she wised up and came back to "the city." When you don't know where to eat, what is happening in pop culture or want a book suggestion in a variety of genre's she is your gal. She is also called "411."





Sadie has too much on her plate 100% of the time and likes it that way.  She digs on non-fiction, cookbooks, dystopian fiction, stories set in the south, and attending pool parties.  She also has a soft spot for children's books, and will gladly reminisce or recommend some.  When she is not working she hopes to be cooking, listening to soul music, hanging with her pup, reading, learning something really cool, and/or saving the world.





Sean is a rugged outdoors-man by nature, but as a keen observer of the human condition, he enjoys working in a bookstore for the added perspective. When no one is looking, he draws funny pictures. www.seanchiki.com






Tara is a perpetually disheveled pie enthusiast who switched majors six times before finally deciding to pursue a highly lucrative degree in Comparative & World Literature. Her addictions include soy lattes, overpriced music festivals, buying notebooks (but never writing in them), and metafiction






Telecommuting guru of store reorders and special projects. Lover of literary fiction, sociological reportage, music journalism, and nature writing. A fool for a good cookbook, always ready for a new challenge in the kitchen. An unrepentant music junkie, known to lose himself in record shops for hours on end. A runner, an amateur photographer, a tireless traveler, and-- most importantly-- the proud Daddy of the sweetest, most charming dog in the entire world.