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Christin Evans and Praveen Madan

Christin Evans, literary entrepreneur, runs two Bay Area bookstores. In 2007, she and her husband, Praveen Madan, purchased The Booksmith in San Francisco’s historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. In 2008 with Melissa Mytinger, they helped launch Berkeley Arts & Letters, now the East Bay’s most successful author event series. Christin also currently acts as the head of inventory management at Kepler's Books, Silicon Valley’s landmark bookstore established by pacifist Roy Kepler in 1955, a store which she and Praveen assumed stewardship over in 2012. Together they revamped Kepler's as a hybrid business with an affiliated non-profit events program. Having made it her work to re-imagine the role independent bookstores play in their communities and how best they can be sustainable cultural institutions, she's active in neighborhood associations and she welcomes conversations! Christin worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney; she holds a B.A. from Vassar College and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Contact Christin.






Amy is a curly-haired human female and scotch enthusiast who is only listed first because her name starts with A. She produces and emcees #ShipwreckSF with Casey Childers. You can find her writing on Hoodline, the Establishment, and in the Loose Lips (forthcoming from Grand Central, 9/27/2016). If you have Shipwreck questions, you can email her at amy [at] booksmith [dot] com. Find her on your platform of choice as @losertakesall






Anah is a visual artist, stand-up comedian, taxidermist/bug pinner, tattoo addict, and long-time bookslinger. She enjoys all things dark and weird, and tends to read a lot of true crime and abnormal psychology books. She has a heart of gold, and the attention span of a goldfish. She probably is not aware of what day it is.



Camden reads an awful lot. His tastes are spastic but not unpredictable. He finds gin an ideal accompaniment to any emergency and can cook a soufflẻ but always, always burns the toast. He is also Booksmith's lead buyer.









Carolyn is a poet and artist. She is a Kundiman fellow, recipient of the William Dickey Fellowship, the SF Foundation's Phelan Award, the Anne Fields Poetry Award and the Kathryn A. Manoogian Scholarship, among others. She folds cranes obsessively as a performative act with no desire to develop the art further. The crane as a symbol is irrelevant and arbitrary. She believes the over 20,000 cranes she’s made over a four-year period are merely a byproduct of coping with, among other concerns, the disenchantment of earning a fine arts degree during a tech boom.  SF Weekly recently mentioned her as one of fourteen, "Best Writers Without a Book (in) San Francisco - 2014," Carolyn is both elated and saddened by the announcement.




Colter is currently pursuing his MFA in Fiction at the University of San Francisco after having moved from the no-man’s-land that is Arizona. His short fiction has appeared in Persona Magazine and Danse Macabre. He is working on his first novel. 









Hannah is a bookseller, radio producer, writer, and gummy snack connoisseur. You can find her work on KALW Public Radio and featured in The Rumpus. A native San Franciscan, she spends a lot of time analyzing the weather. 









Lauren is the children’s books buyer for Booksmith. Her interests include vintage handkerchiefs, maple flavoring, and messing with Texas, where she’s from. She was a sculpture major in college and once built a working glow cloud, proving that there are no useless degrees.









Illustrator, Conversator, Forest-Bather, Retrofuturist. Madeline writes stories and comics and has never once been caught drawing dirty pictures in bathroom stalls. Oregon native by way of Ohio and New York. She's never seen a UFO, but would like to. At the age of nine she mastered the art of reading while walking. She hasn't looked up from her book since.








Megan Kurashige is a dancer and a writer. She and her sister co-direct a dance company called Sharp & Fine in San Francisco. She also dances for Liss Fain Dance. Her short fiction has appeared in Unnatural Creatures, an anthology edited by Neil Gaiman and Maria Dahvana Headley, and various magazines. Sometimes, she works at the Booksmith.








Writer. Reader. Badass Baker. Na'amen is a geek about a lot of things: comics, historical revolutions, science-fiction/fantasy, cartoons, period films and more! He's been on panels speaking about these things as they relate to/represent women, people of color, queer folks and other overlooked groups. His poetry has appeared in Faggot Dinosaur, StoneTelling, So Speak Up and The Dead Animal Handbook; his fiction has been published by Collective Fallout and Full of Crow and his essays/reviews have stirred up io9, The Angry Black Woman, The WisCon Chronicles, Vol. 2: Provocative Essays on Feminism, Race, Revolution and the Future, Fantasy Magazine and the Hugo nominated Queers Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the LGBTQ Fans Who Love It.





When not reading and recommending books, Rebecca spends her time writing and serving as editor-in-chief of the literary magazine MidnightBreakfast. She's also a lover of cinema, a copious drinker of tea, and a Scrabble hustler. Originally from Chicago, Rebecca now maintains a healthy relationship with the fog.









Telecommuting guru of store reorders and special projects. Lover of literary fiction, sociological reportage, music journalism, and nature writing. A fool for a good cookbook, always ready for a new challenge in the kitchen. An unrepentant music junkie, known to lose himself in record shops for hours on end. A runner, an amateur photographer, a tireless traveler, and-- most importantly-- the proud Daddy of the sweetest, most charming dog in the entire world.








Whitney Ochoa is living the life. As the newest events coordinator at The Booksmith, she can be found running around, moving shelves, pouring wine, talking to folks, and organizing things. Though Whitney is a native Californian, she has lived all over from Nashville to Boston, Santa Fe to Boulder, and most recently Melbourne Australia, where she completed her MA in Writing and Publishing. When not working, she writes and reads.